Our History

A modest beginning was made in the year 1921 by our founder Mulla Ebrahimji Karimbhoy (MEK) in Karachi. Our initial products included Steel Trunks, Paper Trays, Dak (mail) Boxes, Envelope Racks, Ice Boxes, Jewellery Boxes and other items made of steel for business and home uses. After Independence of Pakistan, we expanded our production facilities by inducting the then modern Steel Bending and Cutting machines from United Kingdom and started the manufacture of Steel Furniture, which included Steel Almirahs (Cup Boards) Steel Filing Cabinets, Hospital Beds, and Storage Racks etc.

Our Most successful product of the time was the Kitchen Almirahs, which had been designed and prepared keeping in view our traditional Eastern cuisine and culture of our homes. In the late 1950s, upon the retirement of Mulla Ebrahimji Karimbhoy, the reigns of MEK were taken over by Mr. Mohsin s/o Mulla Ebrahimji Karimbhoy, Pakistan was also on the road to rapid industrial and economic development. A large no of industrial units were being set up all over the country. Banking and other financial institutions were being established. To meet the growing demand of Steel Furniture of the time, there was not enough production capacity in Pakistan and therefore, a lot of items were imported from India, UK and Germany. This growth provided us with an opportunity to further expand our production capacity and undertake manufacture of Steel Equipment and Furniture essentially required by the Financial and Banking sectors i e Filing Cabinets, Cash Security Deposit Lockers, Fire Proof Almirahs, Fire Proof Safes,Storage Racks and Strong Room Doors.

MEK became the first Pakistani producer to undertake the large-scale manufacture of the above-required items meeting the highest international quality standards. Many of our clients were multi-nationals banks and companies who reposed full confidence in our capabilities and quality products by renewing their contracts. 1981 saw the sad departure of Mr. Mohsin. Separation of East Pakistan and the nationalization of Banking, Financial and Industrial sector had caused immense setbacks. The third generation, took over under the most trying conditions. MEK had managed to survive but needed BMR.
This was the era of mass production and mechanization. Procurement, Production and Sales strategies were developed. New machines were added and major shift was made away from manual production to presses and dies. MEK today is one of most modern and quality conscience manufacturer of Steel Furniture. Our products not only satisfy the demands of the local market but also cater to the very competitive export market.


We have always focused on our target. It is not only the source of stable growth, but also for our strive towards technological innovations in our processing procedures. Our expertise in manufacturing of steel office furniture is unmatched. and we have production facilities to under take any customized build furniture and storage equipment. To specification and special requirement. All products are backed by excellent After Sale Service Guarantee.